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Ship and protect your merchandise the affordable way with high quality packaging materials from ShippingSupply.com. Whatever your product...chances are ShippingSupply.com has packing supplies to meet your unique requirements.

Our packaging materials include the following brand-name products:

Jiffylite® Bubble Mailers - Made of fully laminated recycled kraft paper with a 1/8" Bubble Wrap® lining, Jiffylite® mailers are tough, protective and ecologically friendly. They have a tamper evident self-seal and are very lightweight. Available in sizes ranging from 4" x 8" to 14 ¼" x 20" with special sizes for CDs. Jiffylite® packing supplies are an ideal low cost shipping choice for online retailers, Ebay sellers, cosmetic companies, CD distributors and more.

Poly Mailers - For a non-cushioned alternative to boxes, our poly mailers are a great option. Durable poly mailers are made with polyethylene that offers superior tear and puncture resistance. Poly mailers feature an inner silver layer that ensures document confidentiality. They have a white outer surface that is ideal for high quality printing. Poly mailers are a popular packaging material for documents and are used widely in the pharmaceutical, apparel and online retail industries. Available in sizes ranging from 6" x 9" to 24" x 24".

Jiffy® TuffGard® Poly Bubble Mailers - Jiffy® TuffGard® poly bubble mailers combine the strength and versatility of a courier envelope with the cushioning of a bubble-lined mailer. Each Jiffy® TuffGard® mailer is made from 100% polyethylene and is completely recyclable. The white outer surface is ideal for high-quality printing. Jiffy® TuffGard® mailers are water resistant, tamper evident and lightweight. A superb packaging material for mailing jewelry, pharmaceuticals, books, tools, apparel, cosmetics, automotive supplies and more. Available sizes range from 4" x 8" to 14.25" x 20" with special sizes suitable for CDs.

Bubble Wrap® Cushioning - Bubble Wrap® is the ideal solution for cushioning, void-filling and surface protection. Designed to perform under pressure, bubble packaging offers superior burst and tensile strength, and excellent air retention. They are environmentally friendly too - 100% recyclable and CFC-free. Bubble cushioning can withstand temperatures ranging from -50 degrees C to 80 degrees C (-58 to 176 Fahrenheit). Choose perforated rolls for easy tear off. Bubble packaging wrap is a versatile packing material for electronics, automotive parts, furniture, ceramics, pharmaceuticals and dental supplies.

Self-Seal Bubble Bags - Self-Seal Bubble Pouches are a cost effective, labor saving packaging alternative. Self-Seal bubble bags are made from 3/16" regular Bubble Wrap®. Imagine... all the benefits Bubble Wrap® has to offer in one light and tough mailer. Self-Seal bubble bags are 100% recyclable, CFC-free and have a self-sealing closure which secures contents. Sizes range from 4" x 5 ½" to 8" x 17 ½". Self-Seal bubble bags are a great packaging material for fragile items and master packing.

Shipping Boxes - Our 200-LB. test single wall corrugated boxes and 32-lb. edge crush test (ECT) C-flute boxes are approved for shipping via UPS, FedEx Ground, truck, Parcel Post, rail, and express. They are shipped and stored flat for space-saving convenience. Shipping boxes are available in numerous sizes ranging from 4"L x 4"W x 4"H to 58"L x 41"W x 45"H and are sold in bundles from 5 to 25.

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